Preparing an emergency kit

Although a great number of medicines are available in Viet Nam, it only is more prudent for you and your family to bring along some emergency medicines. Besides, more and more of them are available in Lyoc shape, directly are digestible without water (they melt on the tongue), which can be handy, especially in transportation.


Idéalement, la trousse de secours peut être composée de :


Ideally, the emergency kit can contain:


 Paracetamol and aspirin, for pains and fevers;


Anti-diarrheal and laxative: in one case or the other, the discomfort can cause important pain. Don’t forget to hydrate a lot!


 Some Smecta® and some Spasfon® against gastric infections ;


 Antiseptic or disinfectant for everyday small wounds : meticulous wounds cleansing has to be automatic;


 Medicines against motion sickness: regarding the poor road conditions in Viet Nam, people subject to motion sickness will have to better protect themselves here;


 A skin repellent type index 5, in order to fight efficiently against bugs stings ;


 A total sunblock cream: do not neglect the strength of sun radiation in Viet Nam…you will get tanned even under a gloomy cloudy weather!


 A thermometer, main tool for diagnosis;


For the most dynamic, don’t forget condoms: they are easier to be found now, but the quality is not often excellent;


The above list is not exhaustive. In any case, it is better for you to talk with your general practitioner so that he can advise you on the products to bring along for the trip.