Eating – Drinking

Are there any risks regarding water and ice cubes?

It is still highly recommended not to drink tap water in Viet Nam,, either in the city or the countryside. However, a lot of shops do sell bottles of water and refreshments at every street corner.


In any case, do not worry; Vietnamese people too, get sick with unsanitary water!!! Water is thus automatically filtered and no need to worry if someone offers you a fresh glass of water with a few ice cubes floating! The ice cubes too are made with sanitary water! The only risk regarding water in Viet Nam involves the intake of fresh, washed and raw vegetables. However, this happens very rarely…


Is restaurants’ hygiene satisfactory?

At first sight, eating in the street seems unlikely for a Foreigner, for dirt and dust seem to be everywhere… Make no mistake! You have higher chances of getting sick in big restaurants, where raw materials are kept in refrigerators, whereas on the street, those are fresh!


The struggle against dust is omnipresent though. In this way, when in street restaurants, palways think about cleaning your bowls, glasses, chopsticks as well as the top of bottles and cans with a tissue before intake… this practice would be unthinkable in Western countries, but here it is more than common.