Hội An, its harbor, its beaches…

Da Nang - Access

From :

Ha Noi : 800 km 17h 18h - 16h 1h10 -
Hue : 120 km 3h30 4h 5h 3h - -
Nha Trang : 550 km 11h 12h 15h 10h 1h05 -
Sai Gon : 1000 km 17h 18h - 16h 1h10 -


Hoi An - Access

From :

Da Nang : 35 km 45 mn 1h 1h - - -
Hue : 160 km 4h30 5h 6h - - -
Nha Trang : 580 km 12h 13h 15h - - -



Geographic location

Hoi An is a seaside resort but also one of the most ancient harbor and docks of South East Asia, it is one of the most colorful destination of the Middle Part of Viet Nam. Established on the Thu Bon River, the city enjoys the calm and peacefulness of sites to flourish and blossom with the trade of the richest local craftsmanship.


Must-see and must-do activities

foreign traders of the world have lived in the city for generations and in particular the Chinese, the Japanese and the Westerner people. Walk around in the old city and indulge all your senses: observe the front windows, listen to the sewing machines’ murmur, intoxicate yourself with the paints’ smell, touch the silks’ softness and taste the cuisine of the Middle Part! Everything lends itself to an excellent staying in Hoi An.


For History buffs: Hoi An is mostly the ideal place for Cham sites departures. The Champa kingdom lasted from the 2nd to the 15th Century! I let you imagine the cultural richness of this civilization, which is one of the only civilizations where the Hindu influence is perceptible in Viet Nam. You can visit the site of My Son in half a day and you can stop in Da Nang to visit the Cham museum where the most beautiful Cham statues have been gathered.

How long should I stay?

Hoi An is not a ‘’big city’’. The activities are very enriching but not that numerous. However, the city is a relaxing and quiet place, one of a few existing in Viet Nam, and the beaches will allow you to enjoy a generous sun and the brightest sea. All depends on your wishes in terms of traveling. You can stay two days or more in Hoi An…


All types of accommodations are offered in Hoi An, from the simple Chinese style decorated bedroom to the 3 and 4 stars hotels’ spacious and luxury suite. Some of them even own swimming pools and saunas.


Luân’s opinion

Ideal spot to rest in the middle of nice architecture little streets! But be careful, the small size of the city makes the number of tourists quite high!