Tam Đường


From :

Son La : 350 km 8h 10h 10h - - -
Dien Bien Phu : 250 km 6h 8h 8h - - -
Sapa : 150 km 3h 4h 4h - -

EN40401tamduongGeographic location

Tam Duong is a little town deep in a valley overlooked by impressive mountains and sheltering a good number of ethnic minorities: the Thais, the Black and White H’Mongs, the Ha Nhi and the Daos people. Being the administrative center, carrying the same name, Tam Duong has grown bigger since the disappearance of the town of Lai Chau swallowed by the waters because of the recently built hydraulic dam.

Walk around for a while and take pictures! You can also walk around the town and visit some interesting ethnic minorities’ villages.



EN40402tamduongMust-see and must-do activities

Tam Duong remains a small stage town without major interests, allowing you to take break when coming from Dien Bien Phu or Son La. However, the surroundings of Tam Duong are part of the beautiful landscapes of Viet Nam, and in particular the ridge road leading to Sapa. This latter also bifurcates towards Muong Te, the town where no tourists stop and where the H’Mongs, the Daos and a few La Hu people live.


How long should I stay?

I would advise you to only stay one night in Tam Duong, you will enjoy the end of the afternoon to visit the town and leave early the next morning to peacefully carry out your journey to Sapa. But you could also give yourself an extra day to visit the minorities’ villages surrounding Tam Duong.



Tam Duong does not offer a lot of housing possibilities, you will only find very basic hostelry.

Luân’s opinion

Tam Duong is a little town showing little interests apart from resting for a stage.