Hung Yen, my hometown



From :

Ha Noi : 60 km 2h 2h30 2h - - -

Geographic location

Hung Yen is the first province of the Red River Delta, located to the east of Hanoi, on the way to Hai Phong. My little hometown is about 2 hours drive ... in the middle of rice fields out of sight.

Must-see and must-do activities


The main attraction is of course the discovery of life in an authentic village and a traditional family. On the road, however, village visits trades Dai Dong Lai Hue proposed are interesting. Finally, bird lovers will not be disappointed with the small boat ride to Dai Co, where the birds fall together in the late afternoon!


How long should I stay?

A one day trip remains interesting ... but in my point of view, the main attraction of this visit is dinner with his preparation where you will help to cook, and family home evening. Not much things to do, but a real immersion in Vietnamese culture.



Very basic !!! You will sleep with my parents in a traditional Vietnamese family. Hot water and summary bathroom, but no air conditioning, just fans and mosquito nets!

Luân’s opinion

Of course, I love my village and I think you discover the life of my family can be a enriching experience for those looking for authenticity. There, you will discover more than the local sights culture!