Everyday life

Do I need electrical adaptors?

No need for adaptors in Viet Nam. At first sight, the plugs do not seem to match. In reality, they allow to plug both Chinese and European devices. However, there is no grounding power outlet. It is also common to find a switch directly on the socket: switch it on to activate it. Finally, please be careful with plugs in the bathroom.


How to use the telephone?

In Viet Nam, there is a number indicator for each Province (04 for Ha Noi, 08 for Sai Gon), that you need to dial only when giving a call from one Province to the other. In the case of a call from a mobile device, you always need to dial the indicator of the Province.

International calls are managed by the same rules than all the countries, 00 + the indicator of the Country (84 for Viet Nam) and delete the first ‘’0’’.


For example, HAPPY LUAN’s number is (04) 38 71 61 90.

If you call from Ha Noi, dial : 38 71 61 90

If you call from another Province from a mobile phone, dial : 04 38 71 61 90

If you call me from abroad, dial: + 84 4 38 71 61 90.


Can we take pictures everywhere? Is it possible to develop my pictures in Viet Nam? Can we found film rolls?

OIt is easy to find photofinishing shops in Viet Nam and it is as easy to buy film rolls and batteries. Developing photos are usually of good quality and not too expensive.


Is it true that use of narcotics is severely sanctioned in Viet Nam?

Yes, the Vietnamese law is uncompromising on that matter. Any person carrying any narcotics will be sentenced with imprisonment and even death sentence. Transportation or use of narcotics is thus prohibited on the whole Vietnamese territory.