Booking, Payment, Cancelation…

The Booking

NThis is how we elaborate our tour together… For that I will send you a first basis of the tour. Naturally, it is not yet customized with your wishes, therefore, it is important that we work on it together later and I will be sending you new versions according to your wishes. The main goal is indeed to refine the tour together so that it fully takes into account your wishes but also your inconveniences. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed letting me know that this point does not suit you, or to tell me that you have changed your mind on that other point, I am here for that! It is indeed essential that the tour I am offering you suits you on every level.


EN1601ReservationIs the organization of the tour suitable for you? The stop-overs? The hotels? The visits? Is your tour matching with your expectations? Are the prices charged matching with your financial budget? Well then, you are ready to go! And we need to finalize our agreement.




For small tours, only an agreement in principle via email is necessary. However, for bigger tours, I will need your confirmation of HAPPY LUAN circuit trip Cost Estimate in order for me to send you a pre-filled travel contract as an overview recap of the stop-offs and of transportation and accommodations modalities during the tour.




I will then be sending you the contract via email in a pdf format. If the contract suits you, all you will need to do is print it, sign it and send it back to my postal address in France.


Rest assured, the document is not 50 pages long and is not written in tiny letters! You won’t need to read bottom sentences in order to avoid any kind of problems! This is mostly for us to finalize our agreement…


The Payment

Payment terms are clearly stipulated in the contract and are divided the following way:


15% after signing the contract,

70% one month before departure,

15% the day you arrive in Viet Nam.


However, if the dates of signing and departure are too close from each other:

70 % one month before departure,

30% the day you arrive in Viet Nam.


You can pay either way:

  By bank check sent to my postal address in France,

  By bank transfer on my French or Vietnamese professional bank account.


For the last payment in Viet Nam, you can also pay me cash in the currency of your choice (according to the daily rate of the Viet Com Bank as reference) or with a credit card on the spot.

Unfortunately, I do not accept online payments such as PayPal website…


The Cancellation Insurance

I do not offer actual cancellation insurance… The indirect cost would be too high on your tour given my small activity. However, the following rules are stipulated in the contract:

In case of cancellation more than one month before departure:

I reimburse the entire tour.

In case of cancellation less than one month before departure:

I reimburse the entire tour -20%.

In case of cancellation less than one week before departure:

I reimburse the entire tour -70%.


It is important to understand that I have to pay for a lot of services in advance… In Viet Nam there are no bookings without payment…That being so, in case of cancellation, I always do my best to get my pre-paid fees reimbursed…and it may be possible for me to reimburse you more than what the contract stipulates.