What to bring along?


Depending on the period you are planning to come, depending on the regions in which you are planning on going and depending on the activities you will do, clothing can be really different. In any case, for your trip, you should bring comfortable clothes, in which you will feel at ease, rather long sleeves and a sweater or a jacket for the plane (the air conditioner is usually set too strong and can make you sick).


In summer, the whole country is sunny. Light and loose clothes for any regions then. Don’t forget that apart from the heat, we also have to fight against humidity. However, it can also be useful to take something warm along for cool evenings if you are going in the mountains.


Summer is also the raining season… It does not rain all the time and the only waterproof item that you will be able to wear is a rain cape! Raincoats and other waterproof clothes are not of first utility in Viet Nam…


In spring and autumn, the North is nice, the Middle Part and the South are hot, and however it can get really cold in the mountains. Bring along a sweater and socks.


In winter, the South is hot, the Middle Part is nice and the North is cold. You will have to bring along your whole wardrobe!!!


If you decide to walk around countryside tracks, or even in the city, simple flip flops or sandals should be good. However, if you want to trek, especially during humid period, it would be wise to bring hermetic yet well-ventilated walking shoes, but mostly skid-proof.


Accessories and luggages

The Vietnamese sun is of the most burning and luminous one in the world. Also, it is necessary to protect yourself. Apart from long sleeved clothes and solar cream, I would advise you to bring high protection sunglasses as well as a cap or a hat.


You can either bring suitcases, traveling bags or backpacks. All of those will easily follow you during your trip, during bus transportations, in a car or in a plane. I would advise you to lock your bags with a padlock, in order to prevent any attempt of pickpocketing.


Backpacks are especially handy for treks or excursions, particularly because you can put in there bottles of water and extra clothes! They are easy to be found in the cities: they are usually sturdy and not too expensive.


Currency – Money

The Vietnamese currency is the Viet Nam Dong (VND or đ).You cannot buy nor exchange your dongs abroad. For information, the exchange rate is about 1€ for 25 000dongs, 1$ for 21 000 dongs. To obtain them, several methods exist:

- Take your VISA credit card or Mastercard and withdraw at bank counters in the city;

- You exchange EUROS or dollars at the airport, in currency exchange shops or at bank counters;

- You exchange Check Travellers at the counters of big banks in the city.


The method presenting the less constraint remains the withdrawal card. If you are going in rural areas, make sure to have enough cash with you, mostly local currency and even some dollars just in case. The US dollar is convertible into cash almost everywhere.


Gifts and photos

You want to please the persons whose place you are going to sleep over? It is not in any case mandatory…but if you want, the best way to do so is to bring something warm or destined to children of the family. For example, you can think about colored pencils, fantasy books, paint…that would bring joy and happiness. The most important is not to seek for something complicated but rather something warm…


Books, music, movies and photos

You like spending quiet evenings with a good book? In that case, bring some along with you! Usually, the Vietnamese people don’t read that much: they’d rather gather with friends at the nearby bia hoi or walk around either by foot or bike in the streets of urban areas.


If you like music, there are a lot of CD shops to satisfy you, at a cheaper price. However, note that, as you can imagine, those are mostly illegal copies of lesser quality…! The same applies for the DVDs which original versions are often subtitled in Chinese or Japanese.


Keen about photos, you will be delighted in Viet Nam in terms of subjects, reportage topics but also for its quality developments and not too expensive compared to the prices you usually experience. You can even find in the cities all sorts of film rolls and batteries of all shapes and voltage. Do not hesitate to bring your digital and film camera along with you!


Toiletry kit

What to bring in your toiletry kit? I would say nothing in principle since you can find anything in Viet Nam, from the shampoo to the shaving foam, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor or deodorant…


When you stay at the hotel, everything is provided: shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and towel. The quality is not always the best though!


Last piece of advice, for you ladies who use wax or depilatory creams, you won’t find any here. Only razors and mechanical depilatories are used here. So think about your comfort before leaving.


Last detail, more private: you won’t find tampons either, but only pads.