Travel tips: fair prices

Fair prices

I completely understand that it could be difficult to choose an agency from a distance when you are unfamiliar with local fees and costs. I do not pretend to be the cheapest agency in Ha Noi, and that is in no way my goal anyway. It is very difficult to compete with the numerous tour operators mostly offering mass tourism at very low prices, sometimes at the expenses of the middle men those agencies are working with.



 I, on the other hand, try to offer good quality tours, adapted to your wishes, by guarantying an optimum quality of service to my customers and by decently paying my partners. In my case, my customer base consists mostly of expatriates (NGO, Embassies, etc.) who quite often can speak the Vietnamese language, are familiar with the local prices and who can evaluate the prices I am charging (those people could indeed do without the services provided by an agency and could travel by themselves).


Our prices are also the reflection of our peculiar way to consider on-site tourism. Our business philosophy is to make a fair deal in which everyone gets what they pay for. That is the reason why fair pricesshould be paid for every cost in order to allow each party to make the most out of their commitment. It is not because Viet Nam is an emerging country that I have to drive the prices to the lowest… it would be against the logic of sustainable development of my country.


The global package: details

The cost of your trip, is something that we work out and confirm together and it could be divided the following way: Around 80% of the total amount covers travel expenses, housing and activities expenses (tour guides, tourists entrance and national parks,…) The remaining amount is used to cover HAPPY LUAN’s operating costs. Profits, if any, are used as an investment foundation.