Mong Cai


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Ha Noi : 300 km 6h 7h 8h - - -
Lang Son : 400 km 8h 9h 10h - - -
Ha Long : 170 km 3h30 4h30 5h - - -


EN41001mongcaiGeographic location

Mon Cai is located at the extremity of the North-East Viet Nam. Thriving town visited by Chinese and Vietnamese people, its thin sand beach is ruptured in its middle by the frontier post, Mong Cai does not present any worthy interest…apart maybe from a few buildings carrying the Chinese architecture and a little bit of colonial history!



EN41002mongcaiMust-see and must-do activities

Like Lang Son, the craftsmanship and the Chinese businesses are omnipresent in Mong Cai, so much so that the majority of shops are held by these latter, passing by the border every day. You could buy there exotic knick-knacks and souvenirs at very cheap prices!

For the amateurs, the several kilometers long beach of white sand is one of the most beautiful of the North Viet Nam. Unfortunately, it is located a few kilometers away from the city and there are still no hotel facilities on the beach yet.


How long should I stay?

The trip is long to get to Mong Cai. It’d be good to stay at least one night…but hardly more than that given the poor facilities of the city.



You will find all sorts of hostelry in Mong Cai, from the ‘’classic’’ hotel to the luxury resorts…held by Chinese people! Beware however: you might get offered more than just a simple room…

Luân’s opinion

Apart from the beach and the Chinese culture, to be honest, Mong Cai is not a very exciting destination. Maybe, it is also for that reason that I like that place! A little bit in contrast to the classic destinations…