Health and Hygiene

Are there any mandatory vaccines to do to enter Viet Nam?

No, no vaccines are obligatory to enter Viet Nam. It is however advised to check your health booklet for BCG, DT-Polio Diphtheria or Hepatitis A and B boosters and updates. The vaccine against the Japanese encephalitis is not mandatory for tourist stays, as well as the vaccine against rabies. No need for vaccines against the yellow fever or the typhoid either.


Against malaria, , the preventive treatment for short stays is recommended (consult with your physician). Two medicines are available: Lariam and Malarone. In both cases, it is necessary to start the treatment before leaving and to continue after your return. However, on a tourist stay, the contamination risk is limited. We particularly advise you to bring along skin repellents and to impregnate your clothes before leaving.


What should I bring in my first-aid kit?

The emergency kit in Viet Nam should not be too substantial. The two most common pains are the cold, due to air conditioning and diarrhea of the first days, just enough time for your digestive system to get used to the local microbial flora. Consequently, you should bring some paracetamol, some Spasfon and some anti-diarrheic…as well as some solar cream and an anti-mosquito spray!