Viet Nam is a country experiencing great economic and social growth…and the development of transportation always goes side by side with a country’s development! Like so, even if the cities are pretty well connected, the countryside still remains isolated sometimes. The gap between rural and urban areas is getting a little wider.


In city area, public transportations along with individual cars, motorbikes, bicycles rickshaws, taxi cars or even private buses in an extremely loud and dusty atmosphere. Nothing is easier than moving around.


You should favor: the bus for economical transportation (beware, they are mostly used by Vietnamese speaking people and stops at stations can be rather uncertain), the Xe Om or motorbike-taxi for short distance, they will drop you at the doorstep. The private car is quite pleasant for long distance and taxis are necessary to go to the airport.



You can also discover Viet Nam by train. Big cities are well connected, and the trip remains extremely original. There are different types and categories of ‘’coaches’’ and classes, from the basic cheap wooden chair to the private cabin with four bunk beds and air conditioner at a price for Western customers.


Finally, domestic flights are numerous in Viet Nam, safe and cheap in comparison of the service. They also link the main cities of the country and spare the unpleasantness in time and heat of trips on the road!


In rural area, the improvement of the road network is very progressive. Massive differences of development exist between areas with tarmac roads and areas with only dirt tracks and roads; dusty during the dry season, muddy and unusable during monsoon… Most of the time, inhabitants can’t afford a motorbike and move around either by foot or on a bicycle, and very rarely on animals.