Mai Chau


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Ha Noi : 160 km 3h30 6h 6h - - -
Hoa Binh : 50 km 1h 1h 1h30 - - -
Son La : 180 km 4h 5h 6h - - -


EN40101maichauGeographic location

When arriving from Ha Noi, the sight of Mai Chau from the pass is one the most beautiful views. Built in the middle of a splendid valley, the houses on stilts with thatch roofs from the White Thai families look like they are coming out from nowhere. A foothills village (800m in altitude) with a desire of authenticity, Mai Chau is one of the most touristic destinations of the North West of Viet Nam.

Prized for the beauty of its landscapes: large rice fields surrounded by verdant mountains, but also for its forest trekking, you could also enjoy the peacefulness and the ‘’Men-Nature’’ harmony that reigns there.


Must-see and must-do activities


All the beauty and charm of Mai Chau lies in its location and its inhabitants. The peculiar architecture of the houses on stilts, as well as the craftsmanship of the Thaïs people (sewing and embroidery) are as many things you can’t miss. If you want to stretch your legs and walk for a bit you can go for long or short treks (from a few hours to a few days), you will rest in Thai, Xa Linh or H’Mong villages for fresh drinks…or for the night! In that case, a guide will accompany you to show you improbable little corners of paradise…

How long should I stay?

Ideally, it would be nice to stay one to two nights in Mai Chau in order to enjoy a trek and contacts with the White Thais. Mai Chau is also one of those locations where the peacefulness allows you to recharge your battery! You can enjoy long and restful fresh nights there…


Inhabitants are now used to directly welcome in their homes the tourists passing through the road of Dien Bien Phu… The houses on stilts are equipped with hot water and electricity. You will be warmly welcomed, invited to share a meal and with any luck, you could attend traditional dances.

Luân’s opinion

Even if Mai Chau has become a very touristic spot, it is certainly worth a one-day stop in order to discover a beautiful traditional village in the heart of a beautiful valley.