What is «HAPPY LUAN» ?



HAPPY LUAN is the accomplished dream of Luan, a woman in love with her country and proud to talk about it, day after day, to those who want to see Viet Nam from a different perspective.


A dream of discoveries, of originalities and of human warmth that brings together the professionalism, the seriousness and the dynamism of Luan and her small team in this way constituting HAPPY LUAN – Viet Nam Travel Agency.




HAPPY LUAN – Travel Agency owns an International Tourism License (No: TCDL-GP 0141) and is recommended by several travel guides including LE ROUTARD " and " LE MICHELIN VERT ".


Additionally, HAPPY LUAN owns a postal address as well as a PROFESSIONAL BANK ACCOUNT IN FRANCE in order to facilitate and secure all payments and contracts mailings.



Happy Luan